We’ll help you get to know all aspects of your information

Demand the software you really need!
We understand your situation – we are on your side.

Have you ever received software that absolutely did not work, and when you complained, the contractor told you that the SW is exactly what you requested?

This will not happen - we always try to look at software as a user and propose a way that respects your specific environment.

We'll listen to your views, understand your needs, we will design customized solutions and implement them.

SW development and implementation

Tailor-made software does not necessarily mean high costs.

Our customers do not need to decide whether to have expensive tailor-made software designed, or whether to buy a cheaper universal product that meets the needs of average users. Our software development philosophy combines the positive aspects of both approaches.

Why are we able to develop tailor-made software for reasonable prices?

When designing software, we use ‘frameworks’, which are the building blocks developed by STYRAX programmers. These help us design each application much faster and more cheaply than if all software was developed from scratch.

Our programming portfolio

  • enterprise systems (large business applications)
  • desktop applications (for various operating systems - Windows, Mac OS, Linux)
  • portals and web applications (including solutions requiring high security)
  • control systems (from technology management to company management)
  • communication systems (both for communication of users or machines)
  • artificial intelligence (self-learning systems for various industries)
  • mobile applications developed for iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • other special applications

Tailor-made software designed by our company can mean a competitive advantage for you.

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Specification and design of information systems

Demand the software you really need! We understand your situation – we are on your side.

No matter how well-designed the information system is, it is useless if the specifications were bad.

Let us discuss together what you really need, and leave the software specifications to us. There are experts in our team with many years of experience in designing systems which are now being used.

We will be happy to prepare a proposal for software for you, whether you want to design it yourselves or you prefer to order it elsewhere.

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Project management

Do you have a vision or an idea and you would like to turn it into reality? Authorise us to manage your project and we will organize all the necessities.

We offer project management by our project managers who have been awarded IPMA Certificates or PRINCE2 Certificates.

These projects do not necessarily have to be ITC projects - our project managers have experience with introducing various types of projects both in the private and public sector (see the Consultancy section for further information).

We can correctly estimate the required degree of formalization of project management, depending on its extent and possible risks.

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Systems integration

In the reality of today's world there are a lot of suppliers of ICT solutions. We will help you interconnect those solutions into functioning compact units.

The term “systems integration” is often used by IT companies in their proposals, without a satisfactory explanation for the customer as to what it actually means. This often results in situations when customers get sets of software products which communicate with each other in some way, but the customers are forever dependent on the suppliers of all product components as well as the system integrators. Don’t let yourselves be dragged into this supplier trap! You’ll be much better off if you work with us.

What is our approach to systems integration?

As part of systems integration, our specialists provide both the technological link between various software and hardware solutions (they also monitor subcontractors when appropriate) and the delivery of the entire work, including the necessary documentation, into your hands. In the future you will be able to make informed choices for yourself about new components or suppliers. You will be able to further grow and develop the supplied system. However, at the same time, we disclaim responsibility for work delivered as a functioning system.

We can integrate new solutions as well as your existing verified systems.

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Outsourcing – hiring experts

STYRAX, a.s. offers – in addition to other services – the chance to hire highly-qualified experts in selected specializations; they are prepared to be involved in your projects and bring with them STYRAX know-how.

We guarantee their high level of expertise, efficiency and strong working ethic.

You can make use of our specialists for your projects in the following areas:

Programming - in the range of experience from junior programmer to senior programmer; regarding teamwork - from a member of a development team to its leader; regarding specialist knowledge mainly in Java, .NET, C/C + +, web applications and editorial systems

Testing – from tester to a testing analyst and methodological guidance

Designing IT systems – senior designers with experience with large distributed systems

Business analysis - analysts and consultants in the areas of capital markets, finance and health services

Advantages of outsourcing:

  • completion of projects does not result in loss of jobs
  • outsourcing will enable you to respond rapidly to market conditions
  • with outsourcing, we take over all the staff administrative costs
  • with outsourcing, you don't need to bear the cost of headhunting and training employees
  • you don’t need to increase your permanent workforce
  • you can also hire a whole team accustomed to working together, which always gives 100 % performance
  • will lead to better resource planning
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We currently offer the following courses:

  • Kurz pro kodéry pro nelékařské zdravotnické pracovníky

    Kurz je zaměřen na oblast kódování diagnóz pomocí klasifikace MKN-10 a příbuzné oblasti zdravotnické informatiky, včetně právních, etických, technických, společenských, statistických a finančních aspektů.

    Kurz je zaměřen na oblast kódování diagnóz pomocí klasifikace MKN-10 a příbuzné oblasti zdravotnické informatiky, včetně právních, etických, technických, společenských, statistických a finančních aspektů.

    Komu je kurz určen:

    Kurz je určen pro nelékařské pracovníky především přímo řízených organizací, kteří se ve své praxi setkávají s kódováním diagnóz pomocí klasifikace MKN-10. Vzdělávací program je hrazen z prostředků OP LZZ. Pro bezplatnost kurzu musí mít nelékařský pracovník nadpoloviční pracovní úvazek u zaměstnavatele mimo hlavní město Prahu. V případě více pracovních úvazků musí součet mimopražských úvazků tvořit nadpoloviční většinu. DPP a DPČ se nezapočítávají. Pro pracovníky, kteří splňují výše uvedené podmínky, je kurz bezplatný.

    Program kurzu:

    Kurz se skládá z teoretické a praktické části. V teoretické části se účastníci kurzu seznámí zejména s oblastmi

    • zasazení MKN-10 do historie a souvislostí. Jak MKN vznikla, proč vznikla a k jakému účelu slouží ve světě a v ČR
    • proč kódovat, související oblasti, význam správného zakódování
    • ...


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Data analysis, data mining

All informations for optimizing your business you have “at home".

Using modern sophisticated analytical methods, data mining will help you get more useful information out of your databases to help you make better business decisions. We can:

  • assist in formulating the requirements and needs of data analysis, understanding the problems,...
  • analyze relationships between subjects, their classification, clustering,...
  • identify substandard or even suspicious behavior,...
  • create and apply predictive models - the future behavior of the subjects (eg. customers), their targeted mailing, advertising campaign - to implement them,...
  • create a variety of reports, data visualization and management dashboards,...
  • control and re-evaluate the impact of changes on the basis of the recommendations.

Work is done in the agreed scope from a specific targeted request to a total depth analysis of the data across the company, as one-time or recurring services, or we can deliver software "on key" and you can evaluate the data yourselves.

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Analysis of data from external sources

They say that the Internet is everything, but how can you find the information you really need to know?

We'll help you determine what you need, how to orient better, and help you get the necessary relevant data from publicly available sources, arrange transformation of unstructured data to a structured form. We will help you to process data analytically and evaluate them. We'll prepare information and data collection and analysis so that they are clear and useful.

Examples of unstructured data analysis:

  • finding references to various entities, types of products, types of services, pricing, etc. From the Internet, we convert them into a structured (table) form,
  • identifying relationships between subjects from data available on the Internet,
  • finding similar documents (documents commenting on a similar topic, etc.) to a sample document,
  • analysis of "soft" information from unstructured text – such as comments expressing reactions to a given product, the degree of satisfaction with the quality of services, etc.
  • online monitoring of social networking - mentions of your company, competition, product,...
  • link outputs, information and analysis of own databases with external ones,...

Work is done in the agreed scope, such as a one-off or recurring services, or even delivery of software "on key" in order to get the data collections for you to evaluate the data yourselves. Our tools can process documents not only in English, but also in most other languages.

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