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DS Admin

Smart data boxes

Keep control over your data boxes

Data boxes simplify and accelerate processes. However, do not allow unauthorised use of this powerful tool to jeopardize your business – keep control of all legally binding communication by means of DS Admin.

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DS Admin is a system designed to facilitate the use of one or more ISDS data boxes. These data boxes make it possible to send official documents in electronic form to public authorities as well as receive them. It can also communicate with both private companies and individuals.

DS Admin options

  • the system supports simultaneous work with multiple data boxes - work in one environment, one "window" - without repeated logging in
  • messages can be filtered and sorted, just like email messages. Filtering and sorting messages from all connected data boxes can take place simultaneously
  • archiving is automatic – the system regularly checks the contents of each data box, downloads new messages and permanently archives them. It records the delivery time, it downloads and archives all messages that were sent by other systems (ISDS, records management, etc.)
  • reports, including attachments, can be exported both individually and collectively
  • before it is sent (who must approve it, how many persons must confirm the report before it is sent, etc.)
  • deferred messaging
  • mailing daily overviews - every day at a specified time a list of messages sent and received in the past 24 hours is sent out, as well as an overview of all messages in the approval process. The mailing list is derived from the rights and settings of users
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  • the option of handling several data boxes at the same time
  • shared access to a multi-user data box
  • permanent archiving of all messages sent and received
  • sorting and filtering of messages
  • export option of messages including their attachments
  • approval process for the acquisition and approval of messages

Easy Deployment

  • only the server part of the system is installed
  • the user works with a simple web application that does not require installation
  • one-year technical support is included in the price - free updates and customer hotline

Easy administration

  • easy installation – "all in one installation package"
  • wide range of settings
  • easy backup and updates
  • hotline available
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Supported operating systems

  • Linux
  • UNIX
  • Mac OS X
  • Widows

Supported browsers

  • Internet Explorer
  • FireFox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Google Chrome
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Comparison of DS Admin and a standard data box

Function Classical data box DS Admin
Basic Classic Comfort
Maximum number of data boxes 1 1 2 unlimited
Time of archiving a data message (days) 90 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Deferred messaging  
Filtering and sorting of messages  
Maximum number of access rights (users) 1 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Setting different user access rights  
Message collective exports incl. attachements  
Approval process  
Sending out daily messages overviews  
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DS Admin integration in the company

  • DS Admin can be used in parallel with other software to access the data boxes of the ISDS system (records management, etc.)
  • DS Admin in this case does not change the status of received messages and automatically downloads all messages sent by other software; the message overview is always complete
  • This is true even when the messages are sent directly from the data box in the ISDS system (messages can be sent from the ISDS system and they are then automatically downloaded to DS Admin)

Delivery options

  • DS Admin BASIC: max 1 data box
  • DS Admin CKLASSIC: max 2 data boxes
  • DS Admin COMFORT: unlimited number of boxes
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The price includes free updates and customer call service, both services for one year.

DS Admin Individual adjustments

If required by the customer, STYRAX, a.s. also can modify and extend the DS Admin functionalities individually for the specific needs of the company.

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Product Price (without VAT)
Option DS Admin BASIC 10 000,-
Option DS Admin CLASSIC 15 000,-
Option DS Admin COMFORT 20 000,-
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