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Electronic Health Care Market

Modern progressive methods of work in health care

The Electronic Health Care Market is about introducing modern technologies into the process of searching for business partners in health care.


The electronic Health Care Market, Czech Republic (further only "HCM") is based on the principle of membership and it has been designed for all subjects in the field of health care. It is used for concluding contracts between purchasers (such as health insurance companies, purchasers of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies) and providers of health care (hospitals, outpatient facilities, distributors of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies).

The HCM was launched on February 12, 2008 and by December 31, 2009 contracts totaling over CZK 30 million had been concluded with the aid of the HCM.

The electronic Health Care Market

  • has been designed for entities from the health care segment and functions on the principle of membership (i.e. accessible only to members)
  • facilitates concluding contracts (such as amendments to price agreements) between buyers and sellers
  • facilitates trading within sections
    • health service (of health care "packages")
    • medical supplies
    • pharmaceuticals
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  • cutting red tape - reports on signing a contract are taken as an amendment to the contract
  • unified description of each tradable product - in the case of health care, deals are made for health care packages, which are defined by members of the HCM. The information about the package always includes a description of care and the way of reporting. Currently there are 18 health care packages actively traded.
  • speed of response - the need to treat the clients of health insurance companies can be met immediately
  • security for both sides - the health insurance company has a guarantee that the patient will not be denied care. The health facility has sales guaranteed at the contracted price
  • openness - all registered members can take part in trading (health care providers, health insurance companies, distributors of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies)
  • protection of privacy - the parameters of the signed contracts (the number and price of traded products) are accessible only to the buyer and the seller.
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  • web portal on site www.hcmcr.cz
  • members do not install any software
  • signed contracts can be saved and printed in pdf, or exported in a defined data interface
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The HCM meets the safety standards for portal solutions working with sensitive data.

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How to start trading on the HCM

Start of membership

Membership on the HCM starts once a registration agreement has been signed between the applicant for membership and the HCM operator.

General conditions of membership

  • Membership of the HCM can only be awarded to a legal entity or individual licensed to provide the services that it wishes to trade on the HCM. This condition is applicable to those activities for which the legislation in force in the Czech Republic requires such a licence.
  • Membership of the HCM shall be denied to legal entities or individuals whose assets are subject to pending insolvency proceedings, as part of which a decision on insolvency has been issued, or an insolvency petition has been dismissed because the assets did not suffice for payment of the costs of the insolvency proceedings, or bankruptcy has been dismissed for lack of assets, for a period of three years following termination of the proceedings.
  • Membership of the HCM shall be denied to persons who are subject to the enforcement of a decision affecting their assets, or are bankrupt, or the stability of their assets is otherwise materially threatened.
  • During the entire membership, members must be able to settle all their contracts concluded in the HCM. 

Would you like to join the HCM?

Contact us at  info@hcmcr.cz

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Definition of newly-traded products

Trading in the HCM is only possible with pre-defined products. Each HCM member has the right to submit a proposal to add another product for trading. This proposal must be approved by the Governing Board consisting of representatives of the HCM members and representatives of the operator.

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