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Logging on to the UIR- ADR address register

At the right address

Do you want to be sure the addresses in your client or business partner register have a correct and unified format according to UIR-ADR? But you do not want to spend a lot of money? Then the REGAS system is here for you.


What is REGAS?

  • It is intended for automated use of the register of addresses, known as the UIR-ADR. The UIR-ADR address register is maintained by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic in cooperation with the Czech Post and municipal authorities. The REGAS system allows the register to be used for checking addresses in the internal information system of the company
  • it contains a full copy of the address register, a module for its continuous automatic updating and interfaces for accessing data in the register. It is designed for the greatest possible range of settings and access according to the user's needs
  • The REGAS system verifies the validity and formal accuracy of addresses at the point of entry into the client's database
  • it is intended primarily for companies with extensive client databases with a number of addresses (permanent, contact, etc.). The knowledge that the addresses in the register are valid and formally correct is very valuable for such companies.
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  • input check - addresses are checked when they are entered in the database
  • correction of addresses - if discrepancies occur between addresses in the database and the UIR-ADR address, the system offers a correction or a choice of options
  • accessibility - interactive access to the UIR-ADR database offline, without a permanent Internet connection
  • statistical outputs - can be created especially for marketing purposes
  • viewing on the map - maps in Seznam.cz (only during active internet connection)
  • address points - clear identification of each address using the address point
  • price - only the purchase fee, with no additional costs for repeated clearing of the register of addresses by the supplier

Easy deployment

  • only the server part of the system is installed
  • the user works with a simple web application that does not require installation
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Technical requirements for implementation

  • Java technology (Apache/Tomcat server)
  • standard database servers (MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, etc.)
  • continuous updating of the REGAS local database B requires an Internet connection speed of at least 512 kbps

Multiplatform solution can be fully adapted to the individual needs of the company.

The application is installed on the client's server. The actual process of comparing addresses takes place on the server.

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Automated access to the REGAS from the client's IS uses WebServices.

Any standard web browser can be used for interactive access.

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  • the application is installed on the customer's server
  • user access is via web interface (Internet browser)
  • system delivery includes assistance with integrating REGAS into the company's internal information system
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The system delivery includes assistance with integrating REGAS into the company's internal information system.

Individual REGAS adjustments

STYRAX, a.s. offers REGAS individual modifications and additional functionality to suit the specific needs of companies.

STYRAX, a.s. offers complete REGAS system implementation into the client's information system.

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