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Secured electronic archive

Raise the level of electronic copies to that of the original

The greatest effect of digitalization and conversion to a "paperless office" is not saving storage and archiving space costs, but significant time savings, better transparency and improved security (and the resulting savings and improvement) of processes.


The electronic archive is a depository of electronic documents (both those already created in electronic form and those created by scanning paper documents). Compared to storing such documents on a file-server disc or in a personal computer folder, an electronic archive provides a number of useful services such as search, indexing, access control (including remote online access from a number of workplaces), etc.

The electronic archive does not usually exist in companies on its own – it integrates with other parts of the company's information systems. It can be either a specialized document-management system, a records management or work-flow system, but it is often integrated into the existing operating system which the company originally used for dealing with their operational agenda together with the circulation of paper documents. Thanks to the integration of the electronic archive in the operational information system, users receive documents from the electronic archive on their screens at precisely the moment they are needed in the context of working with their own information system.

The secured electronic archive raises the level of electronic copies to that of the paper originals. This is made possible by the sophisticated technology as well as the favorable status of key legislation in the Czech Republic (such as the Electronic Signature Act, VAT Act, etc.). Sometimes such an electronic archive is referred to as "guaranteed" or "trusted".

This is not only about technology, but also about methodology and documentation.

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  • fully in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic
  • verifiable authenticity of electronic copies in court
  • security level complies with the conditions for storage of personal and sensitive data
  • verifiable authenticity even after the validity of the certificate and the digital signature has expired


  • compatibility with all accredited providers of certification services in the Czech Republic
  • use of timestamps in CR accredited temporal authority

Easy deployment

  • requires minimal system administration
  • when deployed in the company environment, the current system does not become subordinate, but ZEA becomes its complement
  • if an intervention or consultation is necessary, all services are provided in Czech and in the Czech Republic
  • as part of support, ZEA  is continually updated to reflect both technological progress and changes in related laws

Easy administration

  • trouble-free integration into the customer's backup processes (support of most common software and company backup software)
  • scalability, easy expandability of archive capacity
  • open and described programming interface for easy integration with the internal systems of the customer
  • option of defining any number of attributes recorded for each document, option to add attributes during operation independently for each document

Document access control

  • access rights to the ZEA  functionalities can be set both individually and also in cooperation with other subsystems of the IS customer
  • links between electronic and paper documents
  • ZEA  records the storage place of the hard copy of each document as well as discarding and archiving symbols; it also helps put together an agenda associated with the controlled discarding of both paper and electronic documents.
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Supported operation systems
(depending on the customer's choice)

  • Linux
  • UNIX
  • Mac OS X
  • Widows

User administration
(depending on the customer's choice)

  • the administration itself integrated into ZEA
  • connection to the customer's LDAP-server (incl. Active Directory)

Supported databases
(depending on the customer's choice)

  • MySQL
  • Informix
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Sybase
  • Progress
  • PostgreSQL
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ZEA uses advanced cryptographic methods, providing cryptographically verifiable evidence proving the authenticity of the document.

The implementation is in compliance with internationally accepted standards and is based on the results of the working group LTANS (Long Term Archive and Notary Services) of ISOC, an internationally recognized organization.

The ZEA system is compatible with all accredited providers of certification services in the Czech Republic; to secure long-term reliable detection of authenticity of the document, it uses, among other things, the timestamps in CR accredited temporal authority.

ZEA Integration with other systems (e.g. document management system, records management, etc.) is carried out by means of standard protocols based on WebServices.

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The company does not have to change its current operational information system and ZEA becomes a useful complement.

The customer receives complete technical and methodological documentation as part of the supply.

Initial configuration of the system is carried out by STYRAX, a.s. according to customer's requirements. Further administration can be taken over by the customer.

STYRAX, a.s. also supervises the verification operation.

Delivery options

ZEA BOX: HW, OS, DB and ZEA supplied as one unit
ZEA SW: stand-alone SW ZEA  that can run on the existing platform of the customer
ZEA Components: intended for development workers who want to integrate ZEA  functions into their SW

How does it work

Electronic documents are saved directly in ZEA. Paper documents are scanned and subsequently stored in ZEA. The client's operating information system can request the relevant electronic or digitalized document through the programming interface (WebServices), and the document is then displayed to the user. ZEA itself keeps "evidence record", which can be submitted to court or another institution if it is necessary to prove the authenticity of electronic copies of documents.

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ZEA system is available with different levels of support:

Individual ZEA adjustments

If required by the customer, STYRAX, a.s. is also able to make modifications and offer additional functionality for the ZEA individual needs of a particular company.


STYRAX, a.s. also provides consultancy aimed at optimizing business processes in the context of implementing the principles of the paperless office (this concerns state and public administration, health facilities, non-profit sector, etc.).

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Product Description Options Price (without VAT)
ZEA SW SW ZEA  to be operated on the client’s hardware   500 000,-
ZEA BOX SW ZEA including the supply of a branded server, operating system and database as one unit incl. 1 TB storage 520 000,-
incl. 2 TB storage 530 000,-
incl. 10 TB storage 550 000,-
Expanding by further 10 TB 20 000,-
ZEA Components intended for developers who want to integrate the ZEA functions into their software archive module 300 000,-
dConf module 300 000,-
complete ZEA developer (=archive+dConf) 550 000,-
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